Why RAOKcampaign?

With the negativity that exists in our culture, its not hard to believe that we have neglected our neighbor…

Ive long thought that its the people we meet on this earth, that make life complete; yet more often than not, its those same people that are among the first that are forgotten in our hectic lives. With the negativity that exists in our culture, its not hard to believe that we have neglected our neighbors, only furthering the distance between everyone in a community.

RAOKcampaign just means that we are all in this together. We are only asking for help to get this idea on the road, and here is your chance to help us start a pay it forward campaign targeting the entirety of the US. By traveling city to city, state to state, and coast to coast encouraging more random acts of kindness in communities across America. With the ultimate goal of exposing the generosity that still exists in today’s society.

We’ve set modest goals as we are unsure of the support that we’ll receive. We do intend to do this for as long as possible and have planned a simplistic approach to our travels. After we get enough support we intend to broadcast our journey through an online forum and different social medias. RAOKcampaign is meant to be inclusive.  #RAOKcampaign

Taking the show on the road

Beginning in March, we will embark on our first leg our national campaign. 4500 Miles total and should take us around 2 months to complete. We are starting this with only the equipment that we have and what we have been able to save. It is only the beginning. Stay up to date with our pages to follow us on this journey. Thanks everyone for the support, and as always, BE KIND!!

I’m Appalachian raised, from a small town in West Virginia. I may be a little bit hillbilly, and if that’s the case, then so be it. I’m proud of how I was raised. I feel as though being raised in a small community, helped to teach me not just what is wrong, but what is right. So many stories I could share about how the community came together for me and my family growing up. The kindness that was shared with me in those hollers of West Virginia is a kindness I long to share with the world.

I’ve recently moved out of the countryside and into a very large city, Las Vegas Nevada. I’ve met so many people that have lost touch with humanity. I’ve witness atrocities happening right here in the United States, coming in the form of neglect. We’ve neglected our fellow man/woman. At some point in our lives we decided to put ourselves over others. Using some shallow form of reasoning, we decided that other people just don’t matter anymore. There are so many people less fortunate, and of those less fortunate, there’s are some that are even worse off than others.

When did the decency escape civility? Now with the growing number of hate groups out there, its not hard to see how it happened, but its time that we did something more positive. Instead of brutalizing our neighbors for their opposing views, lets converse with them and give ourselves the chance to see their side of the story. Instead of bashing veterans for believing in someone that promised change in their lives, help become the change they hoped for in the first place. Decency doesn’t cost a damn thing, so why are we so reluctant to be it? Why are our beliefs/concerns more important than any ones else’s?

I really guess what I’m trying to get at here, is that you don’t have to volunteer every day after work to share the kindness in your heart. You don’t have to get along with everybody, but I encourage conversations to enlighten. Open your minds and your heart and let people back in. You won’t lose yourself by giving to others, and you just might get more in return. Thanks again for reading and BE KIND.

A “helpers’ high”, and how to get your own..

Altruism is the selfless act of helping someone else. However, with the new reports that are coming out, it may not be entirely selfless. Even suggesting that the do-gooder is receiving more than the recipient in these altruistic acts. You may be wondering how these GIVERS are making out like bandits when they’re the ones putting out. You may also be wondering how you can get returns like these when you GIVE.

Here’s whats happening:

First, your brain is releasing endorphins that flood the pleasure centers of the brain. Much like eating chocolate or exercising, your body is recognizing the good that you are doing. So that rush that you’re feeling when acting altruistically actually has a term, HELPERS’ HIGH.

Secondly, theres a certain amount of satisfaction that one can feel from acting kindly. A self-satisfaction that is truly deserving. YOU just made a difference, in someone else’s life and theres no reason to feel guilty for it.

When you’re helping someone less fortunate than yourself, the experience can remind you that you do in fact have it pretty good. The humbling feeling that’s associated with giving some of yourself to someone else can put some perspective on life. One can really recognize what they have, when they’re giving it to someone else, whether large OR small.

Now, with every up comes a down, and this is where things get out of hand. Studies show that people become dependent on this high and seek out other outlets in order to experience it. Do-gooders have been spotted chasing this ride by giving regularly to their neighbors, holding doors for others, and most recently spending kindness through social media. This is very serious, and I encourage everyone to try this out. You might get addicted, and you might never look at acting altruistically the same way again.

Now that I’ve covered what and how to get a HELPERS’ HIGH, I encourage everyone to act responsibly and as always, BE KIND!

How YOU can contribute to RAOKcampaign

Now, my efforts are just getting started to improve lives by sharing kindness. As you are coming across my sites, you may be thinking how YOU can contribute to this greater cause. Well, the answer is quite simple; BE KIND. Contributing to my cause is about more than you donating to my efforts to spread this nationwide, and its super easy. Im going to take a few more moments to list a few right now.

  1. Smile at a stranger
  2. Hold the door for someone
  3. Pay for the person behind you in line
  4. Invite a stranger to break bread
  5. Leave a nice note at the bus stop
  6. Volunteer at your church
  7. Thank a civil servant for all that they do
  8. Call a family member that you haven’t spoke to in a while
  9. Treat a friend to dinner
  10. Donate time to an animal shelter
  11. Forgive someone that done you wrong
  12. Help your neighbor with a DIY project
  13. Offer to help the elderly lady down the street
  14. Leave a positive comment on someone’s picture
  15. Help someone else achieve their goal
  16. Wave to a stranger
  17. Buy lunch for your coworkers

Now it only took me a few minutes to come up with these 17 things, what did I miss? Sounds pretty easy right? Just remember that you don’t have to go out of your way to make someone else’s day a little brighter. If doing these simple things is not enough and you want to reach a wider audience, you can contribute to my online campaign that is trying to go coast to coast by going to the links. Thank you all so much, and remember to BE KIND!